Morning Motivation #59

"The place you're at this very moment is an accumulation of all the decisions you have taken and only you're accountable for your actions be it in success or failure."

Morning Motivation #58

You, him, her, and I have been made by the same stardust while the same energy flows through us as the brightest star or the largest black-hole in the known or unknown universe.

Soul Talk #4 By Dee Kay (A letter to a younger me)

SHORT STORIES - POEMS - GUEST POSTS - TRAVELOGUES - MIDNIGHT MUSING - YOUR STORY - MORNING MOTIVATION Soul Talk #4 - A Letter To a Younger Me By Dee Kay ( Follow him on  Instagram - Twitter - Facebook )   14th March 2009 To, Dearest Dee, I know you are young and full … Continue reading Soul Talk #4 By Dee Kay (A letter to a younger me)

Guest Post : LIGHT FROM LIFE By Akshaya

Guest Post : LIGHT FROM LIFE By Akshaya Darkness in life is the light of life That light , some said it’s maturity Click to read more......

A Plea By Dee Kay

A PLEA By Dee kay  Tell me what I did wrong when you walked away, Tell me what I can do to make it right; please just say. Scream at me, Hit me, But please just stay. I will do anything and everything to make you smile, I will even walk for you those thousands … Continue reading A Plea By Dee Kay

Morning Motivation #45

They say, "If you want something that you never had, you've to do things that you've never done."This is a quote that sums up the success process completely. You cannot give your 70-80% and expect to get a reward that is 100%. The universe will look out for you if you first start looking out … Continue reading Morning Motivation #45

Morning Motivation #43

WHAT'S YOUR PURPOSE?Why do you do what you do? What gets you out of bed? What keeps you away from the bed at night?Answer these simple questions and you will learn the reason behind the status of your current situation. Some of you may be doing it for money and that's not bad but is … Continue reading Morning Motivation #43

Morning Motivation #11

The reason why most people don't become who they want to be is because they are too attach to who they have always been. You have to change yourself in order to become who you want to be in life. Don't be afraid of changes just because you have had bad experiences in the past. … Continue reading Morning Motivation #11