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Message #7

If truth is to be spoken then a lot of people are in an abusive relationship. When I say abusive I don’t only mean physically abusive relationship but also emotional abusive relationship. I have seen many of my friends be in a emotionally abusive relationship without even knowing […]

Message #1

Everything that you have experienced in your life irrespective of it being good or bad, has actually contributed in shaping your mentality towards life. This mentality of yours is the mirror for your self, if you look closely. If you hate your life and everything bad it has […]

Message #2 : Break-Free!

Do you have a complicated relationship? Does your partner make you feel worthless? Do you keep trying hard to keep the relationship afloat? Were you dumped by your lover for someone else? Did he/she cheat you and you found out? If Yes, Then, you are at the right […]