Me vs ME !!! by Roy & Dee Kay

The whole town was still asleep.... empty streets and empty roads were all around...lights emanating from  few of the lampposts  were getting stiff competition from the first rays of the sun…the darkness of the night was retreating and the crack of dawn was approaching… In the midst of this, the silence of the moment was … Continue reading Me vs ME !!! by Roy & Dee Kay

Soul Talk #1 By Dee Kay

“Life may sometimes look dull and unbearable but remember just like all the other phases this shall pass too.” Dee Kay

The Liebster Award 2018

Hey Guys! We are grateful  to Aarushi Sinha for nominating us for The Liebster Award 2018 edition. Aarushi is a young blogger from India who writes her own experiences and thoughts on her personal blog. Her posts speaks volume about her personality and maturity. I would ask you to check out the blog of this young … Continue reading The Liebster Award 2018

lost to stars…

The Chevrolet pulled over near the gates of the bus stand. I wanted to come out of the vehicle and feel the early morning fresh breeze on my face. I saw my brother getting out of the front seat, almost half-asleep. I have always felt a sense of responsibility towards him…such a pure soul and … Continue reading lost to stars…

Guest Post : The Fall of Innocent Mine By Avinash

The Fall of Innocent Mine... By Avinash Kumar   Once used to stand tall the innocent mine Being able to distinguish what was right and what as crime… So engrossed in doing what he believed Did never foresee his life coming to a halt… He did not know what went wrong, but situations changed Untruth … Continue reading Guest Post : The Fall of Innocent Mine By Avinash