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Night Rambling

Night Rambling #6

From the pages of Dee Kay’s life Date :- 10th September 2018, 08:12 PM Hey peeps!! Another week gone by and it has been a good week for the blog as the numbers have improved in every aspects of the stats. I am able to redirect my focus […]

Romy! by Roy and Dee Kay

Disclaimer ROY character of the story doesn’t bear any resemblance in reality to the writer ROY…:P Have Fun Reading 🙂   A cold gust of wind found its way through the unzipped fabric entrance of the small tent and slid beneath the blanket that draped her soft skin […]

the CALL…(by Roy)!!!

Title: the CALL… Genre: Fiction/Short-Story The cell phone vibrated in the middle of the night, flashing a blue light on its screen. A frosty sensation ran down her spine as she lay awake on the bed. The agitating thoughts were troubling her. She looked towards the clock and […]

Sample of The Book

The Two Face Truth (Season 1, Episode 1) Grab your free copy on Amazon(Only till 17th August 2018) For India – Click Here For Others – Click here Based on Characters Created, & Written By – Roy & Dee Kay * NEEL * I was buried deep in paperwork when […]