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Kuch Jazbaat By Sakshi (with English Summary)

Kuch Jazbaat By Sakshi
with English translation
“Sans Lena toh chahte Hain
Par ghut ghut Kar adh mare
Ho jaate Hain”

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Morning Motivation #3

Morning Motivation You are the most marvelous creation of god. I said, you are the most marvelous creation of the god. You are made of the same energy as the stars so tell me what’s stopping you from shinning? The answer isn’t your situation, or lack of time, […]

Morning Motivation #2

Morning Motivation Success is a mindset. Success is a set of actions. Success is a behavior. 100 percent of people want to be successful yet 99 percent of them are not ready to pay the cost of it. Success doesn’t always cost money. Success will cost you time. […]