Awesome Blogger Award

To my WordPress Family , Dear Readers and Most welcomed Guests… Each time I receive a nomination of an award, I feel more humbled with all your love and appreciation. I believe that your support and encouragement help me to find new dimensions in my writing. Hope this […]

The Untold Scribbles

Hello, Our Dearest Fellow Readers & Writers, The Floating Thoughts by Roy & The Immortal Arts by Dee Kay , are happy to announce that we have come up with a new segment for our blogs called The Untold Scribbles. This segment of our blogs will allow us to […]

Mystery Blogger Award

Whooa !!! Second Award within a week…. WordPress family pampers me now, with all its love and affection. I could not thank enough for this. Firstly DRONSTAD, a VERY HUGE SHOUT OUT TO YOU and sending LOADS of THANKS to U for considering me capable to be nominated for […]

the Broken Heart !!!

To Nandita …whose poems deluge me with emotions…sending loads of smiles to u…   Wandering in the woods I met a broken heart I asked it ” why have u fallen apart?” She cried at me with her tears “let me be still For I now fear… Fear […]

deshi basara…RISE UP !!!

This post is dedicated to all the awesome people out there who feel caged in their past and cannot take the forward step…who are shackled to their sadness and lost in the emotional dungeons…who are filled with light within but have closed their eyes to it… DEPRESSION has […]


Dear Reader, I joined WordPress last year and had been using it as a dairy of my emotional surges. I never knew the world out here consists of so many talented and amicable bloggers. It has been only a week and I have been nominated for THE LIEBSTER […]

Snapshots of Floating Thoughts !!!

Dear Reader, Glad to have you in my world of THE FLOATING THOUGHTS !!! Sometimes we express with words…sometimes with snapshots and clicks… This post is designed to call out all the budding talented photographers, who capture the world around them in their cameras…embeds their emotions in those […]

the RED Dress: Chapter #1

SKYE PS: Skye I forgive you… What !!! Can he really forgive me? Though forgiveness was what my heart yearned every single moment, it somehow did not feel right that these four words can absolve me of my deeds. Not even a single day has passed that HER […]