The Two-Faced Truth: A Tragic -Thriller Novelette




“A bullet knows no master. It is just a servant of destruction. Even the person who pulls the trigger is just a mere slave to the agent of chaos…”
   – Roy & Dee Kay, The Two-Faced Truth


Based on the characters created and written by Roy & Dee Kay. 

Goodreads Synopsis

A friendship over decades was interlaced by the most precious thing in their lives. Little did they know that their bond of hearts had been standing over an illusion of trust for so long or that their world would become vulnerable and fragile the moment that beloved part of their life is snatched away. For them, all that remained was just an image of one happy family veiled under their individual self-centered motives. …read more 


AMAZON INDIA RATING:  Image result for 5 star 5 / 5
GOODREADS RATING: 5 Star Rating System 4 and a half stars 4.56 / 5


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