Message #6 (Self Evaluation)

There is a lot of pain in this world. Some faced the ugliness while they were still a child, some when they were stepping in the world, and others while they thought they were strong enough to fight this ugliness. Today, I want you to look at your whole life. Just go inside a quiet … Continue reading Message #6 (Self Evaluation)

Message #5(Eliminate the unwanted stress)

  "We are nothing but what our choices make us" - Roy The first time I learned about the word STRESS was in my school days when the PHYSICS subject was introduced to me. The famous stress-strain curve is still vividly etched in my memories from those classes. My physics teacher was quite determined to … Continue reading Message #5(Eliminate the unwanted stress)

Message #4 (Ask for help)

Today I received a call from a good friend of mine who recently shifted to USA. I talked for a min or two and I could sense that something was wrong. She told me that she haven't slept for 4 days. She broke up with her guy and now she just cannot gather the courage … Continue reading Message #4 (Ask for help)

Message #3 : Be your perfect imperfection

Message is a new segment of the blog where we talk about failures, depression, imperfections, and the journey of survival. This segment is close to our hearts as we showcase our experiences to motivate and help those who need a hand.

Message #1 : Men Don’t Cry?

 Men Don't Cry? By Amrita Nandi The excited eyes were glaring and the eager ears were fixed onto the history teacher standing before them giving them a lesson for life which is very mandatory in today’s world, and they kept nodding when he said, “A real man never hurts a woman.. It’s a man’s job … Continue reading Message #1 : Men Don’t Cry?