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Over You! by Roy

Dedicated to all the TRUE LOVERS who have lived dark days of betrayal and then came out of it as a warrior. I don’t owe you my life Repulsive, are your smiles I don’t feel your emotion Demolished, stands my devotion I don’t notice your tears Slaughtered, stays […]

My Broken Cathedral! by Roy

My Broken Cathedral! by Roy Judged was I always by everyone Cowering I stay in corners of  my broken cathedral Faithless I wandered around Without any hope to come across ever a voice so profound Unaware I stood listening while the proximity of the sound slowly kept on […]

My Girl … by Roy

show me her face once again before the beats of this heart start to wane until the blood retreats from my last vein till my breath can trace out her name For my soul will always remain chained to her love and to her warmth Even if my […]


PS : Dedicated to all SINCERE & TRUE ONE-SIDED LOVE STORIES… Like a Ghost, I will brush past you And you wont even have any clue Addicted to You !!! Like an air, I will be in your breath And you wont even feel the need to fret […]

the Broken Heart !!!

To Nandita …whose poems deluge me with emotions…sending loads of smiles to u…   Wandering in the woods I met a broken heart I asked it ” why have u fallen apart?” She cried at me with her tears “let me be still For I now fear… Fear […]