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Guest Post – ज़िन्दगी By Mohit

SHORT STORIES – POEMS – GUEST POSTS – TRAVELOGUES – MIDNIGHT MUSING – YOUR STORY – MORNING MOTIVATION ज़िन्दगी By Mohit   रोज़ रोते हुए कहती है मुझसे मेरी ये ज़िन्दगी, एक इंसान की खातिर मुझे यूँ बर्बाद तो ना कर, यूँ जिंदा रहने की कोई एक वजह […]

Guest Post – Captivity by Pamela

Author: Pamela Lowe-Saldana (Follow Pamela’s Blog) Title: Captivity Genre: Poetry Now within these twilight years, I think of memories without tears. A weakened moment: Love, Hope and Pain. With them you have gone. With them they have stayed. INTERESTED TO READ SIMILAR POSTS…CLICK BELOW What Hurts The Most, Healed Me […]