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Dear Reader, I joined WordPress last year and had been using it as a dairy of my emotional surges. I never knew the world out here consists of so many talented and amicable bloggers. It has been only a week and I have been nominated for THE LIEBSTER […]

Snapshots of Floating Thoughts !!!

Dear Reader, Glad to have you in my world of THE FLOATING THOUGHTS !!! Sometimes we express with words…sometimes with snapshots and clicks… This post is designed to call out all the budding talented photographers, who capture the world around them in their cameras…embeds their emotions in those […]

the RED Dress: Chapter #1

SKYE PS: Skye I forgive you… What !!! Can he really forgive me? Though forgiveness was what my heart yearned every single moment, it somehow did not feel right that these four words can absolve me of my deeds. Not even a single day has passed that HER […]

the RED Dress!!! Prologue

SKYE The laptop jingled with my favourite Christmas tune and a chat-box popped up on the screen. I was almost asleep on the couch with files strewn all around me and laptop placed on my lap. No wonder with those morning headaches. Forcing the sleep-laden eyelids to open, […]

life : a fast-paced slideshow…?

– Neel – It was a cool evening…a gush of wind brushed past us, heightening the fragrance of her expensive perfume…and carrying me away onto the waves of my thoughts…I sat there transfixed into her blue eyes when suddenly a  voice nearby roared,  “Mr. Neel…you haven’t answered even a […]

me without u…part 1

-Part 1- Ava I walked past the cafeteria, my heart thumping so loud as if it was the only audible thing that could ping my senses. My eyes scrupulously searched every possible nooks and corners of the café. The entrance was definitely a couple of steps away, but […]