The whole town was still asleep…. empty streets and empty roads were all around…lights emanating from  few of the lampposts  were getting stiff competition from the first rays of the sun…the darkness of the night was retreating and the crack of dawn was approaching…


In the midst of this, the silence of the moment was disrupted by a weak squeaky voice…

“Ayan…Why are you here?…You should be at the hospital…”the old man surprisingly asked while unlocking the door.

The young man looked up with his half-awake green eyes and nodded…his face hidden under the dark bandana and his head covered with the hood of the sweatshirt. His wrinkled sweatpants and muddy running shoes gave a proof of his morning run.

Ignoring the question, Ayan made his way inside the gym…directly towards the locker room. He unzipped his hoodie and pushed his bandana over his head.

The restlessness of the old man spiked from not getting a reply…In a tense tone he spoke as loudly as he could to force his question upon Ayan…

“Boy…Don’t you remember you won the match, yesterday night…not even 24 hours has passed and you are here with broken ribs, fractured arms, bruises and what not….You need medical attention…Go to a hospital and…”

The old man stopped speaking all of a sudden, when he saw Ayan walking towards him…His shape glowed under the dim lights of the room. His aesthetic body shouted of the years of dedication and hard work that he had put in to get the shape…The broad chest with perfect pecs merged with his ripped six-pack abs. The peak of biceps and the ridges of his triceps made its way upwards towards his wide shoulders… the traps and lats gave way to the winged-back muscles…

Facing the old man, he spoke finally with a soft husky low voice…

“You Won’t understand…”


Why was it difficult to understand that a boxing champion needed to visit the gym even after winning the championship…why was it hard to believe that injuries were insignificant in front of insurmountable passion…

Might be…

It was not about winning a match against someone…it was not about pausing and relishing the achievements…it was not about sliding back into the successful cozy life…

It was only about a never-ending fight…a fight of ME vs ME…a quest for a better version of oneself…an urge towards defeating the weakness…a promise to defeat the defeat…

We all have people like Ayan around us…You just need to open your eyes and see through the veil of common appearance of those persons…I have met few such Ayans in my life and they have consistently motivated me.

So today, my dear reader, I won’t portray the Fitness scenario in India with statistical and analytical jargons RATHER will give you a solution based on few case studies…all these are persons like you and me…ordinary lives BUT Exceptional passion…


At an age of 55years…when life agonize you with heath issues…tries to overload you with family responsibility…pushes you towards the lowermost rung of deepest depression…what would you do??
Dubey ji devoid of proper sleep, started to run everyday 1km, just to tire out his body and get proper peaceful rest in the night. Little did he know that soon the Kilometers were about to increase and his despair was going to take a backseat.  At present Dubeyji, runs in marathons of all order. He has completed numerous 5k and 10k local marathons and half marathons of 21k in Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. Recently, he  completed full 42 km marathon in Hyderabad, running continuously  for 4 hours.

“So truly said, when life throws lemon at you, Make a lemonade…”



3 years of perseverance…36 months of clean diet…1095 days of consistent gym… with only one goal in mind, Jasbir Singh not only transformed his physical appearance by reducing his weight from 92 to 78 kg, but also in the process developed his intense love for running. A day seems to be wasted if he doesn’t run. This fire of desire has enabled him to run numerous marathons and to continuously improve his timings in those, with his best record in Tata Steel 10k Kolkata Run-a-thon in 50 minutes.

He aims to run at the Boston marathon which is considered the Olympics for amateur marathon runners, where the entry criteria is to complete one full marathon of 42kms in under 3 hrs 5mins. So as it is said “a never ending marathon to find the better version of ME”



It took her 3 months, after a complete bed rest due to backbone fracture, to learn to walk once again. She channelized all her strength to not to just walk again properly but to run freely with the wind. Such a simple idea kept her strong even in her weak moment and made her realize the importance of small things such as walking!!!

An MBA  graduate and an HR personnel at Tata Steel , Priyanka Pandey proves that no matter how busy you get in life, u can always squeeze time for your fitness goals. She ran with Milind Suman in Pink-a-thon last year and now prepping for 21k Beach Marathon in Goa. She targets to run in 42k full marathon.

As said ” Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever” and she is no quitter…She is a FIGHTER…



When 4-years of engineering college enticed everyone with parties, girlfriends, alcohols and weeds, one guy in the crowd toiled hard in the gym. Growing up in army cantonment, Suraj Samal watched soldiers training hard every day and so the passion of fitness took a seed in his very childhood. Being a skinny underweight guy, he was invisible enough to be left alone with his three other best friends. Together the four, were the only ones who visited the dusty old abandoned college gym. The process of transformation was very slow, but he never lost sight of the image of his that he wanted the world to see. Whenever demotivated he would just glance in the mirror and then just keep on going to achieve his big picture…Finally, With perfect muscular and aesthetic physic he became a fitness icon of his college…that old dusty gym is now well-maintained and is visited regularly by no less than 100 students every day.

Tiger Shroff of our group, Suraj did prove “First they ask you WHY and then they ask your Advice”

His next goal is master calisthenics and learn a combat sports. 


Working in the same organization, I feel fortunate to know them personally since they inspire me to keep pushing my limits…

Coming back to the dim-lit gym where Ayan stood facing the old man…

“WHY…WHY can’t I understand”, the old man shouted angrily…

As calm as ocean, Ayan made his final statement,

A temple …a church…a mosque…call it whatever you wish…These are another name for my GYM…No matter how weak I am or how unwelcoming the circumstances are, Nothing ever can falter me…It is what defines me…it is what gives me a purpose…I don’t train to win, I train to improve…I won’t stop until I find the best version of me…because this always have been and always will be a battle of ME vs ME …


PS : Image Credits : Cover Pic: Southpaw movie
Second Pic: Creed Movie
Two great movies…worth a watch…



The Mask of Smile by Dee Kay and Roy

the Fallen Warrior…by Roy & Dee Kay


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