We are more than humble to read the review for our book, Kedarkantha: A Journey To The Himalayas, by Deb Whittam. She is a fellow blogger on our WordPress community and has an awesome blog that we highly recommend you to check out. Her review is unbiased and truly just what she felt after reading the book. We hope you might pick the book based on her take away and experience of it.

The book is available on Amazon (Kindle Edition): –

For India – Amazon.in

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Kedarkantha: A Journey To The Himalayas

By Deb Whittam

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Cover Page - KEDARKANTHA - a Journey to the Himalayas


I first came across Shoumodip Roy and Dee Kay through their blog, The Floating Thoughts and have enjoyed their contents greatly over the years, so when they sent me a copy of their latest book I was very excited.  I anticipated an adventure with a little bit of spark to whet the appetite, what I got was far more astounding.  This book not only lets you witness the journey of self-discovery but also allows you to question your own self and I will admit that this really tore at my heartstrings.

The novel commences with a very interesting premise, do you allow yourself to step away from the responsibilities society sets on your shoulders to experience your dreams or do allow yourself to become stuck in the same worn out ruts but it soon deviated from this to become so much more.

The reader becomes a silent witness to the characters journey of self-discovery and as a consequence is encouraged to do their own bit of soul searching.  This is an extremely intimate book and I felt privileged to read it and share this journey.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read autobiographical works and likes to immerse themselves in an alternate life.



4 out of 5 stars

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The book is available on Amazon (Kindle Edition): –

For India – Amazon.in

For Outside India – Amazon.com


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