Let’s TALK! with Dee Kay

It’s been a long while since the website had a conversation with all of you. This is an opportunity for us to know you and also for you to know others as well as us. Since the last time we had a ‘Let’s TALK’ session, things have changed a lot for us.

Roy went to US to pursue his MBA while I have started taking few online courses to add more set of skills to my resume as I wish to take another step closer to achieving the ultimate goal of being a legit storyteller. Enough about us..

Let’s see what changes have occurred in your life since last year..

Also, as all let’s TALK sessions have some questions that we ask everyone so here is the question for this session.0

  1. What according to you is your best quality and why do you think so?
  2. What is your worse quality that you wish to change?

My answers would be: –

  1. I am good listener. Why do I think it is the best quality? Because I have observed that most of the time people have so much to say or share but there aren’t many people who actually listen. Many a times people just listen to reply rather than to understand. I speak to a lot of people on calls and when they talk they tend to let out a lot more than just words and I seriously love it. Also, as they say “In a group of people, always be the last to speak as you can learn a lot by just listening. “
  2. The worse quality, I tend to get distracted easily. I guess many share the same though I have been working on it. Hope things will change soon.

Now it’s your turn.

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    • Reliability is a really great quality to have in a friend and your loved ones are lucky to have a person they can reach out to when they need something done 😊

      Even I face the issue of being hesitant when it comes to asking for help though I have been working on it.

      So, how are you these days?

      Warm Regards
      Dee Kqy

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        • Life always happens to be testing everyone but we all have the strength and power to pass the test with flying colors 🙌

          Life is getting busy with work, planning, and s lot of learning. Started reading a book by Dr Joseph Murphy called ‘The Power of the Subconscious Mind’ so trying to adapt the teachings there..


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