Celebrating 2000 Followers! Thank You

There are few things in life that gives you more peace of mind and satisfaction than seeing your hardwork pay off in such a fashion. The journey of a thousand words started on a cold winter night of 2017, when I had the chance of talking to a complete stranger who somehow could understand the necessity of expressing emotions through words and that stranger was none other than, Roy. The more I talked to him the more I could sense the similarity in our thought process and not long after I had the privilege of co-founding this website that has been so close to our hearts.

It took us less than 2 years to complete our initial goal of 2k followers but what is more important was that we had the opportunity of interacting, learning, and at times even teaching our peers about the art of blogging and storytelling. There are numerous fellow blogger that had played a part in our journey and a mere thank you won’t be able express the gratitude that we feel. You have been so kind to us even when we were struggling in our respective lives. Your likes and comments have given us the strength to continue on this road of making a name for ourselves in the writing community.

Thank you so much for the support and love.

To make this more special we are now open for guest posts so don’t shy away from giving your floating thoughts the words that express them perfectly.

The work we accept are:-

  • Short Stories (1000 – 2000 words)
  • Poetry (200 – 500 words)
  • Painting, Drawings, Sketches (5 – 10)
  • Photographs (10 – 15)

You can mail us your work on

Say Blessed




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    • Thank you so much, commander 😊
      It means a lot coming from you and we have been fortunate to have a peer like you..
      We wish all the best for your writing journey and hope to see you shine like the star you are destined to be 😊

      Warm Regards
      Dee Kay

      Liked by 1 person

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