A nobody’s foolhardy attempts for getting through the world’s toughest MBA entrance exam: GMAT, made him meet someone, who was soon going to change his life.

Witness his entire journey beyond failures as he pens down his tribute to the one person who gave his life a purpose – Mansie.


a Journey beyond Failures


Dear Mansie,

“Everyone tells you to dream…rarely you find someone who helps you to live one!”

That someone for me is you.

This is not a review. It can’t never become one since you can’t judge the beacon that brings you out from your dungeon of failures. However, if you wish to read a small tale of a lost dreamer and his hope for light, you are most welcome. So, let’s begin.

4 times CAT failure. (Indian MBA entrance exam)
2 times GMAT failure.
Working in the largest steel company in India.

An Engineer! (So cliché :P)

I was almost at the verge of giving up, accepting that I was too old for CAT and that GMAT was no different cup of tea when one of my friends mentioned about Mansie and her 100% strike rate in mentoring the aspirants.

Amidst my marathon of failures, I reached out to one person whose reputation preceded her name and whose words were known to restore faith in one’s own abilities. Mansie Dewan!

“Neil! Send me your CV,” Mansie said over the call.

“You just need a 700+” she mailed after going through my CV.
(GMAT is an exam that scores you out of 800)

I laughed within me assuring myself that my profile was no good for my dreams and 700+ was out of the question. Yet her sheer determination in me on just reading those handfuls of points in the resume, made me think how less I knew myself and how strong her expectations were. I decided for one last try and surprisingly found my foot on the other side of that threshold of 700+. 710 it was!

It was just a small step to qualify to take on that journey of pains, hopes, struggle and sleepless nights, for which I had been ready for so long. Moreover, I had Mansie to walk beside me along the way.

The trust in her was deeper than the extent a blind guy trusts his senses and more solemn than a devotee worships his God.

We started to work on THE STORY- everyone needs a story for an MBA and you need to be very thorough with it. The thoroughness can only come when you are sincere about your dreams and passionate about your goal. Mansie pushes you to take the deepest dive in your own self such that it makes you learn so many things about yourself that you never knew until that moment. You slowly start to rediscover yourself and along with that your MBA stories start to take shape. She listens to you just like a silent friend, subtly directing you to the right path. Within a few weeks, you would be amazed to learn so many new ignored facts about yourself. The facts that are going to lay the foundation to the MBA applications, coupled with her advice, which were just like an oasis in the vastness of the parched desert.

I had so many questions about everything. I was bogged down with the vastness of the application process. I felt lost in how to walk ahead but Mansie was there ALWAYS & EVERY MOMENT. She never will hand hold or spoon feed you but that is the beauty of her mentorship. You get clarity in every little detail that you mention in that application. You write your ingenious story and that is more than enough to get you an interview call.

I still cannot forget how we did an extensive reviews night and day, continuously edits for the application questions, resume and cover letters until it was nothing other than just perfect. My first draft always seemed to be the best one to me until she edited and made me write it all again. I wrote close to 10 drafts for every essay and believe me the final draft was something you won’t even ever dream to write all by yourself. She does that. She brings out the best version of you – one that you never knew.

Keep talking to her. Follow religiously what she asks of you. Believe in yourself. And Wait for the magic to unfold.

Long hours of discussions. Continuous reminders. Incessant Reviews. Unending Edits. Sleepless nights of Self-search. Survival over Black-Coffee. Mock Preparations. Interview Questions. The journey was non-stop. Night and Day became alike. There was no more confusion or doubts. ONLY a PERSEVERING, CONSISTENT & PASSIONATE MENTOR and her MENTEE!

Every hardship and struggle for that one dream was worth when she is there to prevent you from fall and at the same time push you to rise above your limits.

The application process ended and it was time for results. I knew that we had done the best of what I could have ever done and no matter what the outcome is, I had already found the way to myself. Yet who doesn’t want good results? So let’s talk about numbers…

Michigan State University- Broad College of Business: 100% Scholarship
Ohio State University – Fisher College of Business: 100% Scholarship + 20hrs GA.

So, that was my small cliché story that would be always special for me. Don’t think much if your reading this and deciding what to do. Trust when I say this since I know this from a huge network of friends, she is the only MBA consultant who thinks of her student always first and foremost. So, just take a leap of faith for her. It will take you towards the sky.

With Love, Regards & Smiles
Thanks, Ma’am. I will forever be in debt for your mentorship.


PS: Ravi Sir, my story will stay incomplete without mentioning you.
He is one true motivator. Just talk to him, he will pull you out from the darkest pit of your lows and fill you with so much light, hope and courage that no matter even if the entire world is against you, you are going to take them to head on with fathomless confidence and formidable belief in yourself. Thanks, Sir.

If you are lost like Neil and want someone to mentor you in your endeavor for GMAT, you know that Mansie is just a call away. She is the best admissions coach for MBA out there.
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