Dearest Love,

I stared at those waves that rushed towards her…played with her feet…wetted her skin. The smiles…the happiness…the excitement…were as fresh as the early morning breeze. The world was reduced to the single vista of her playful and naughty tryst with the waves. She danced…jumped…dived into her own ocean of imaginations. The sun watched her festivity from the sky and lit the whole sky with the bright rays. I knew it wanted to join the party, too. However, I relished the sight from a distance, sitting on the beach, secretly storing all those lovely moments.

All of a sudden, she turned towards me and gave the world’s cutest smile…
“Daddy…come on  Daddy… ” waving her small hands, she kept on calling…until I had no option other than to walk towards her…

Just like I had no option other than to have fallen for you…

She has always reminded me of you…she is a little version of you…no less and all more. I feel fortunate to have been given a chance to experience the adorable affection again, in form of her. Never a day passes when I don’t think about you…when I don’t remember you…when I don’t feel you…Now, she keeps you among us, through her innocence.

Our house reverberates with your favorite songs from morning till evening…her wardrobe has turned into a mini version of that of yours…her passion for shoes has been giving a stiff competition to your collection. The previous day she ran into the room and gave me the task to get her hairs braided as you used to. I had to silently comply with her sweet command. The same evening, she sat in the kitchen, watching me cook and throwing her expert directions at me. For a moment, I thought I would have found you standing beside her, in case I had turned. I wanted you to be with us so badly that I might have added some extra salt, surely, to the dish with those unstoppable tears. Sometimes, I guess I am the one who is being looked after instead of being the opposite. Though she is just nine years old, her old man is the one who is turning into a kid. 

I hope I can give her your share of love and affection…But this journey with her seems incomplete without you…Though I am lost when you are not around, I won’t let you disappear…I have not given up on you baby…never will…so, please…

Be with us…Believe in us…

We will bring you back…we will wake you up…we will guide you back…

We love you so much…

They walked from the beach towards the hospital. Entering the ward, the little girl ran towards a young woman who lay asleep on the bed, with numerous machines beeping all around her. She kissed the pale face of her mommy and kept the letter on the table near the tulip vase. The guy sat beside his love and watched his daughter as she enthusiastically narrated all about her previous day happenings, detailing each and every activity and complaining about her daddy. Even though she knew it was a monologue, her excitement on having the conversation with her mommy didn’t tune down a notch.

The nurse entered the room as they left. She carried out her daily routines and check-ups. Thereafter, she picked up the letter, as usual,…sat on the chair…read it again and again until the whole page was wet with her tears. Finally, she opened the cupboard, placed the letter inside and left the ward.

…and inside the cupboard, the letter lay silently on top of the other 364 envelopes…

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