the Awakening

by Roy & Dee Kay

“Have you ever wondered the kind of peace you would experience if you take a break”
she frowned.

“Why Minz…what got u all of a sudden?” I asked with a confused look on my face.

“I don’t want this fukin mundane-routined-pre-decided life”…she glared at me

“It is perfect and safe when everything is planned. If we wanna go anywhere, I need time to plan and layout the itinerary. Not to forget the holiday approvals and hotel bookings…”
I went on increasing my checklist, popping one after the other essentials from the mental rucksack.

Minz stood up…looked at me…gave me a wry smile…

She looked so damn beautiful as always, even at that moment with her weary face and under makeups. Her ruffled white shirt and creased black trousers indicated the long day at her office. Her black sandals that she threw the moment she entered the room, rested sleepily on my bed.  I was so lost in her aura like a cliché lover-guy that I did not notice that my poor cell phone was clutched tightly in her fingers.

“NOT AGAIN PLZ…” My mind already began begging before my lips could force those words out of my vocal chord. The three beer pints sitting cozily near the bean bag where Minz stood, laughed at me…reassuring me that I WAS SCREWED at that moment…

Minz had already gulped all three of those devils…her baby-quota of getting high after she gets completely frustrated either of my monotonous methodical style or of her standstill projects as a victim of the bureaucracy in her company. I knew the night was going to be filled with her sentimental life awakening pedagogues. And so it started with her wavy utterly sweet voice…

“Your life is like this dark stupid cellphone…Mr NOT-SO-SMART NIL”

“Okay Ma’am” I nodded hiding my smile

“Don’t you fukin interrupt me you…when I tell you something… Mr Nil…” her voice swayed along with her balance as the aftermath of relishing those beer pints hit her. She, immediately, balanced herself, trying to stand firm. She did not want to alleviate the gravity of her speech by revealing her inebriation. I gave a quick smile at her goofiness and she glared again at me.

Doubling the loudness and emulating a manly voice she continued…
“Mr. Nil…You are like this stupid cellphone that operates only as designed…updates only when allowed…dependent always on a charger…and so does your life…You work as asked of you…get promotion when given…and…always are dependent on your plans.”

All that came out of her in one breath…

She paused for a second and then said something softly with too much affection and concern in her voice…something that made me really ponder over my situation

“Nil have you ever realized that making a living and making a life are poles apart…

“I rest my case baby…I feel sleepy…” with that, she bumped on the bed and fell asleep in an instant.

I laid her on the bed comfortably and tucked the quilt on her…kissed her on her forehead as her fragrance filled my face…

My mind somewhat got stuck to those last lines. Was I making a living for making a life or was I making a living and losing a life…Have I always been stuck in this sheer illusion…did I earn so much only to lose all the essentials experiences of life… I picked my scotch and sat on the couch that was placed near the huge glass walls of my room. Looking outside, I realized that the midnight seemed like a day with all those lights and traffics…the city never sleeps…people never pause…the race goes on…the vicious mundane cycle moves on and on….

I picked up the cellphone. The blackness of the display reflected my face and for an instant Minz’s words reverberated in my mind, comparing me to it. I realized that I had been shackled to such an extent in this pre-determined pattern of lifestyle that I never knew when my hobbies and passion took a backseat and the goal of getting rich became the social need. Few pen scratches designed my fate and a handful of green notes gave me pride.

With a renewed energy and with a childlike excitement, I booked the tickets to the first place that popped up in my head…called my boss to inform him about my leave…booked the best hotel I could at that time and packed our luggage.

By the time Minz woke up, the traveler inside me was ready to explore the hidden corners of his heart and soul…

and so the journey began…as with my AWAKENING…



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