The Brave

(A dedication to all brave soldiers)

By Dee Kay and Roy

The heavy gun battle was rattling the ears of everyone involved while the sun began it’s dive; painting the vast sky orange once again. The alpha company lead by Captain Rudra Singh held it’s position as the intruders were pushed to the corner. The furious bullets have been missing it’s target or maybe faith had some luck stored for both the parties engrossed. Rudra looked at his men who were enwrapped of the current situation with their guns aiming for any movement on the other side.

The sun went down for the day as the blanket of darkness took over the entire valley in it’s embrace. There were few people screaming at the distance but they were not much of an issue as the Delta company were keeping them at bay, at least for the time being. Rudra contacted his commanding officer and gave in the report on the situation. The commanding officer told him to finish the job and return to the base safely with his men. He also reminded him of the duty he had on his young shoulders as his men are an asset as well as a humongous responsibility that he would need to carry. Rudra ended the call with the an over and out chant while he looked across to this brothers-in-arm trying to memorize the details of their faces as he had no clue what will happen next.

The exchange of bullets subsided for the moment as both, the Alpha company and the terrorists, were busy making a plan to kill the other so that they could go back to their respective places. Rudra alongside the senior most sergeant of the company decided that there is no use of waiting out as the lawless mob on the other side will grow more and more in numbers as the night proceeds and by morning their number could reach in couple of hundreds. So it was feasible to go for a frontal assault to end this situation before the mob paves the way for the terrorists to escape under their pretext. Rudra told his men about the plan and told them to take their position.

“Sir, I would lead the Zulu team through the front door while you and your Bravo team can give as cover fire.”, Sergeant Devesh spoke.

“No”, came the quick reply from the young company commander. Devesh was a bit surprised as he did not expect Rudra to say a straightforward no.

“But….”, the sergeant was cut short as Rudra spoke.

“I will lead the Bravo team for the assault while the Zulu team will give us cover fire while the Charlie team would cover the exits.”

“Sir, I have been involved in previous operation and I cannot let you go in without me.”, Devesh spoke his mind. Rudra smiled.

“Devesh Sir, I just cannot let you or any other member of my team lead the assault especially knowing that they have a family waiting for them at home. I don’t have anyone waiting. You and others have their wives and kids to look after while I am free of those responsibilities so I will lead the team.”, Rudra spoke with concern as well as authority.


“It’s an order.”, Rudra cut the sergeant again and for the last time.

The three team took their position and soon Zulu team began firing at the targeted building. Rudra along-with his Bravo team began running towards the building under the perfect cover of darkness and bullets. The terrorists were trying to retaliate but the cover fire was really heavy to even try to take a peak. The Bravo team was in position Rudra signaled his men to force open the door. As soon as one soldier of the team opened the door their was a wave of bullets flying out and soon everyone took over behind the walls. Rudra had his back against the wall as his heart was pacing. The adrenaline rush was exciting as well as scary. The firing stopped as they heard the terrorist running here and there. Rudra signaled his men to throw a grenade in to neutralize any terrorist waiting to ambush them.

Then before his men could throw in a grenade inside the room a grenade thrown by the terrorists landed near the Bravo team. Without thinking about anything Rudra shouted “Grenade” and jumped over it while his team took cover. Devesh looked at the young officer jumping over the grenade to lower its impact which only meant that they would lose their company commander. The grenade blew the body but was restrained only to that area giving the men of Bravo team the safe space. The whole team looked at the spot where lied their commander a moment ago and now there was blood and a smoke.

“Raja Ramchandra Ki Jai”

“Raja Ramchandra Ki Jai”

“Raja Ramchandra Ki Jai” (Hail Lord Raja Ramachandra)

The men shouted their BATTLE CRY………

***** *****

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