Night Rambling#25


From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 18th March 2019, 08:45 PM


It’s been a month since I let you know about the day-to-day happenings of my life. Well, to be honest there isn’t much drama in my life as I have been working on myself. I have stopped entertaining friends and acquaintances who are not vibrating at my level, or in simple words who are constantly nagging about their lives and problems instead of taking steps to resolve them. We have all been in touch with someone who falls in this category or some of us are ‘these’ nagging friends. I am meditating regularly, joined a gym, learning to cook more dishes (some are hit and some are barely edible), and much more.

As per the process of working on myself, I start my say really early at 5 then go into a spree of motivational speeches for 30 minutes followed by meditation and gym. Then I prepare my breakfast and complete other household chores so I am mostly done with everything by 10 AM.

At 10, I sit down to write by putting on some good instrumental music… Some days I manage to write more than 2000 words and some days just 200 or even just 20 words.. But I make sure I at least have a discussion about the novel with Roy.. This helps keep the story alive in me. Roy, is great with being brutally honest which is a good thing for the writing process and the friendship even though I hate it but I know it’s for our growth as a team.. He is an introvert but for the novel he has gone out of his comfort zone while I stayed in my comfortable room.. For research purposes, he recently took a trekking trip which he wasn’t comfortable in but he still did and came back with a sprained wrist (that was funny 😈). That is enough to show his commitment and passion for the work. I am glad he did that as I am inspired as well felt a sense of pride to be associated with him.

We are at the last stage of completing the first draft of the novel. Though we have made more and more changes in the story telling as we went by but kept the structure of the story just as the original one. The number of chapters have increased, new experimental story telling styles have been incorporated, but the love for the art has always been sustained. We have decided to go for traditional way of publishing so we won’t be publishing on Kindle as of now. This book is something special and would be a perfect launch for us. I hope for the best. That’s all from my side for the time being.

This is your humble friend, Dee Kay, signing off.

Stay Blessed


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