The Homemaker

By Dee Kay & Roy

(Romantic Fiction)

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“Morning, hon”, Vani said as I lazily opened my eyes still struggling to get out of the embrace of our warm bed.

“Morning”, I replied as she kissed me on the cheek. I had often wondered how in movies and telly the couples always wake up looking so stunting and the first thing they do is just kiss the hell out of each other. In reality, people wake up looking homeless and couple may just give a small peck of a kiss but not indulge into total frenzy of the act because everyone smells even when you’re in love.

And with that unusual thought in my head I pushed myself out of the bed and rushed into the washroom. Vani is always the early bird so by the time I get my butt out of bed she is already done with her yoga, gym, and shower. I know you must be wondering that she sounds like a catch but trust me you have no bloody idea, not even close. She is the best in every sense of the word best and most importantly, she is in love with a fool like me so I am pretty proud of myself for making her fall in love with me.

“Rudra…”, she called out exactly 5 minutes of me being in the washroom. So that’s the cue for me to hurry through the bathroom chores before I get late. She is such a darling isn’t she?

I got ready in no time and immediately went to the kitchen where the hot coffee was brewing in the pot. If I am say, which I can, she understands me better than anyone else understood me. The best way to put it is like if I am a word then she is my definition which makes me undefined without her. I am not such a fool after all.

** 30 Minutes Later **

“You know you’re the best thing to ever happen to me, right?”, Vani said as she finished her breakfast while I took another sip of coffee still nodding in acknowledgment to her dramatic compliment.

“I need to rush now.”, she said as she kissed me before heading towards the door.

“Come home soon.”, I said just as she went for the doorknob.

“You know how cheesy it sounds.”, she turned to look at me with a wide smile on her face.

“Curse of being a writer.”, I replied with a wider smile.

“Love you my sexy.”

“Love you too my corporate damsel.”

“I will try to make it before lunch.”

“And I will make sure I have the lunch prepared for us, love.”,  I said as she gave me a flying kiss before dashing out for her work. Now, I will just finish doing other chores before I get back to prepping for our lunch date and if I am lucky then I will find some time to add more to the upcoming novel of mine.

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