Soul Talk #4 By Dee Kay (A letter to a younger me)


Soul Talk #4 – A Letter To a Younger Me

By Dee Kay

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14th March 2009

Dearest Dee,

I know you are young and full of energy for the millions of dreams sowed in your beautiful mind. You have planned out – your happily ever after, your simple career steps, your future lifestyle, and earning the billionaire tag. I wish there could be someone who would meet you and tell you the truth that you are just another stupid and naive teenager with dreams made of cards on the edge of an approaching storm called LIFE but then following instructions is never your strongest attributes.

I know you won’t listen to me because I am you, 10 years in the future, and I know you better than I know myself at this moment. If I tell you that the next couple of years would see you go into depression, talking yourself out of suicide, making more wrong decisions, wasting more money than you’ve earned, only to survive and find your true calling.Then I just hope you would take me seriously.

This is exactly what is going to happen to you but I know you won’t believe me because you have to be stupid, then, for me to be wise, now.

Kiddo, you’re smart, intelligent, and beautiful in every sense but you wish to change for people who don’t even love you. You, instead, of digging deeper inside yourself is searching for yourself in the outer world. You’re trying to fit in a world where you are a misfit. You are brave enough to fall blindly in love without thinking of the cost you would have to pay in the future. You are confident enough to continue walking on the unknown road irrespective of what destination it leads to.

You’re the most flawed flawlessness I have ever seen in the world.

I just want to tell you that you will survive regardless the scars on your heart. You will fall many times but you will always get up one more time. I promise you that you will find yourself, within, even though you would be blurred by the smoke of social acceptance clause. You would be wise and mature even though you will still be flawed which you now accept with a smile.

I look back at you and I see everything that I once had, that I have lost, that I have gain, and above all that have defined me. I derive creativity from your darkness, I mould words from the small things that you picked on the way, I express the emotions that you tried to hide, and I get the hope that I can be more than I ever thought I could be because you would help me at every step of the way.

So, be happy, be strong, and stay blessed Champ.

Yours lovingly,


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