Soul Talk #3 By Dee Kay


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By Dee Kay

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There are so many unspoken emotions that are buried deep within the vanity of a sane soul. These emotions though buried often resurface at times taking us on a rollercoaster ride as we move up and down with the momentum of its creation. These emotions maybe unspoken yet they simmer in the depths with a silent voice of their own. Just as life gets tough and our survival instincts takes over these emotions grips the hindsight. They move around our mind in the shadows of our own darkness as the lingering flickers of light approach us from a distance.

We, at times, may feel helpless or out of control due to these emotions yet they are an integral part of our being. These unresolved fragments of our past are also bread crumbs to unleash the truth of a person’s learning curve in life. The learning curve is not what one might learn in a four walled classroom or library rather the lessons one learn from the experiences of their life. The first hand experience to the darkness that prevail in this world often results in lessons that are daunting yet knowledgeable with the only condition that you learn the lesson or it will be repeated over and over again till you finally learn.

It’s true that life is tough and it’s also true that it is tough for everyone. From the richest man in the world to the one who is struggling to even meet his basic daily demand. Yes, financial status does improve a lot of common issues but it also comes with another set of trouble especially design for it. The thing is that we need to focus on our issues rather going around comparing it with others. Your issues stem from your personal life so the answers to resolve it will also come from your life. So, it’s better if we stop this comparison and start working on find the solution till it’s too late. Try to find the root cause of the issue than to look for sympathy from others who might be facing the same issue but of different velocity.

I hope one day these emotions will leave you to be happy, truly happy. I wish that though life is tough but you be tougher and learn the lessons before it gets repeated. I pray for more fortune and happiness for you in the near future.

I hope.
I wish.
I pray.


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