Night Rambling#24


From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 18th February 2019, 08:45 PM


I won’t say I know a lot of people who vibrate at my frequency or share the same vibes as mine but there are many insane dreams, like me, out there waiting, dreaming, and trying to get through somehow. I’d like to give a big shoutout to each everyone out there who is going through the painful process to be successful, who has been throwing punches at life even after being knockout several times in the past, and those who don’t let the naysayers to get to them. PROUD OF EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU……

It has been a great few days for the site as we have got new members in our content curator team. The latest addition has been, Parikhit Dutta,  from the blog ‘Weeping Pines’. He is a gifted young individual with so much to say in form of his stories. We would officially like to welcome him to the team. In case,you missed his first story for us then do check out A Pumpkin TO Sell NOW!

We recently launched the Teaser  to our upcoming novel, The Elements of Love, trust me when I tell you we pour our heart and soul into the story. We have planned some exciting things for the future regarding the launch of novel so stay tuned. Just in case you missed out on the teasers here are links for Teaser #1 & Teaser #2. We would love to know what your feelings are so do leave us a comment to show your love and support.

I feel blessed when I look at the community that Roy & I have come in touch with here. There are people whom we don’t know yet they somehow understand the work that we’re doing. A lot of people thing it is just about the money or fame or any reason they can get their mind around but they miss out on one crucial reason, we are insanely addicted to the art of storytelling. I still remember that on one such weekend, we couldn’t sleep for three days as we had to complete a chapter that was one of the most pivotal chapter of the novel. That is what commitment means to us. I am proud to be associated with him because he is not just a brother with whom I write. He is the person who shares the same vision and goals.

I guess its time to stop my brotherly love for him. He is to be blamed for this as he called in the mid of me writing this post just to read his latest work that reflects our internal and external struggle so I ended up being a little sentimental. Enough of me scribbling my emotions down  as its time to get back to business.

This is your humble friend, Dee Kay, signing off.

Stay Blessed


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  1. I feel humbled and privileged to be a part of Floating Thoughts. I do remember my first few days of blogging when I would read the posts and was awed beyond explanation and now having been induced here I feel like Alice in wonderland, positively! 🙂

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  2. Indeed. Followers, publicizing , commercialization are easy way to promote blogs but what is most important is the foundation of one’s blog. The art and the artist behind it. It was indeed pleasure reading this post. Have a nice week! 😃

    And congrats to the person who has joined your blog!

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    • Ahh Thank you Amartya.. 😃

      You truly concluded all the points that I was making.. It’s really easy these days to get or write something that’s in trend but what most people don’t understand is that in the race to write whats trending many of them lose the reason of why they even started writing in the first place. The initial drive to tell their story or just an escape from the reality or even a place to vent out, all these reasons are lost at times.. I guess its good to keep an eye at the prize but at the same time its been better to achieve through the right path..

      Warm Regards,
      Dee Kay

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