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Date :- 16th February 2018, 10:59 PM

Last few days have been a bag of mix emotions varying from complete helplessness to uncontrollable rage due to the 14th Feb, Pulwama terror attack. In a mark of respect, we didn’t post anything on 15th Feb except tributes to the martyrs. I guess being from a military background I am quite sensitive to such incidence as it bring back memories of the Kargil war from my childhood. Please keep the families of the bravehearts in your prayers.

Rest in Peace brothers.

I am at a much better state of mind then I was yesterday cause I vent out my emotions in my writing. I have been trying to focus on the work which has mainly being centered around the website and writing. Roy & I, after some discussion decided that we would need to add more talent to our website if we wanted to grow so we approach one of the most talent poet we have come across on WordPress, Sakshi from the blog, I Refuse to Give Up. As her blog name suggest, she never gives up on things that matter to her. She came on board with some much positivity that we were immediately filled with her vibes. So, we would officially like to welcome the beautiful soul and our talented new member.

I am working on developing few skills other than just writing though I am not spending as much time on those skills as I should. Maybe I just need to step up the organization part of skills set. The day starts at 5 AM and by the time rest of the world wakes up from deep slumber I am already done with mediation, working out , scheduling posts for the day, and 2 rounds of coffee. So, the morning routine is working but I am still being a little lazy towards the evening though I make sure I do the household chores. My mum has trained me well to be an independent men in every sense.

Tomorrow is a quite a day for our readers as a part from a guest post, we would be bringing the 2nd part to Kartik’s adventure The Underwater Experience from the section, Your Story. To make the day more interesting, we would also launch the 2nd teaser to our upcoming novel. In case you missed the first teaser, here is the link – Teaser #1. We are in the last leg of writing and we are satisfied with the outcome so far. We are naive enough to feel satisfied but practical enough to understand that we still need a lot more done. I guess that’s one of the bonus of being a team of two, we always have realistic goals with a dream vision for the future.

I believe universe has finally made me come around to walk the path of dreams. I have a guy feeling that I am writing my own destiny.

I need to stop rambling now as it is time for my night routine which includes keeping the electronics out of the comfort of my bed and reach. Though my reach is more than I want to accept. (No pun intended)

So, it’s time for me to bid goodnight to the beautiful people here.

Stay blessed and tonight please pray for the soldier’s family.

DK signing off.


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