Untitled – 14th Feb 2019

( This is an untitled emotional piece in lieu of the Pulwama terrorist attack on Indian Armed Forces. Please read with some sensitivity and respect. )

it happens once in every year,
twice or thrice sometimes,
depends on the intensity of hatred,
flowing in the brook of a political agenda,
that wants to unite the world,
from the blood of soldiers.
look at the ashes on the ground,
can you find the bones,
that carried hidden responsibilities
of a father, a son or a brother,
all wrapped in a tricolour?
when the world was busy celebrating love,
it slowly died in the arms of a soldier,
bleeding its last salute as smoke
already burning on the pyre,
that ignited tears and soaked sorrows.
a wife is widowed,
a child is orphaned,
parents find shelter in old age homes,
where is love, I will ask today?
where is humanity?
what kind of patriotism we all celebrate,
if we still remain helpless,
and let the soldiers suffer,
the terrorized hatred?
you and me,
we will sip coffee,
and have dinner peacefully,
sending condolences to the family,
discussing headlines like debates,
and sleep.
the newspaper will be soaked in blood,
mixed with RDX,
mass coffins will be lined in place
and sent to respective homes with pride,
homes that are no longer homes,
a brick has been broken,
a void has been made,
they left with bones,
they came back in ashes,
on the day that celebrates love,
hatred prevailed
By Sameera
The Floating Thoughts by Dee & Roy + Pulwama Attack


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Featured Image Credit – Roy

22 replies »

    • For news channels such incidents or a tragedy in general is like a blessing for their business.. They get so caught up in being the first channel to grab a news that they take the humanity from a story.. Then they add those animations and sound tracks to make it look more attractive.. Its pure madness and boils my blood…
      They act like pure psychopaths… Watch the movie, ‘Nightcrawler’. It says the truth about the state of media worldwide..

      Dee Kay

      Liked by 1 person

          • That is true. It is money making.

            Although I differ with respect to Western media. I have, from my experience, seen Western journalists to be sensitive and the presentation is refined unlike here where it mostly crass. Yes, everybody tends to be biased and take sides but they do it smartly and not animate and sensationalise everything.

            Liked by 1 person

          • I agree that they have let go of the animation and improved their presentation yet the agenda behind it remains the same..

            There few good eggs in every basket but we all know how we humans are attracted towards negativity and generalization..

            Liked by 1 person

      • Oh that’s atrocious! If we don’t stand together as one Nation now ,when will we then…..All the support for our soldiers should be extended at this time from the nook and corner of our country. After all its our life they safeguard from the enemies . Let’s all show some respect for the Martyrs and his bereaving families and bow our head in a moment of prayer for them. The least we could do.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I guess we need to clean the house, first, of these parasites who in the name of freedom of speech and blind hatred towards the government ends up questioning or demeaning those who are actually working on the ground rather just sit in the safety of their AC clad rooms tweeting and posting poison.
          If we don’t stand by our troops then it would drastically affect their morale which is the worst thing that can happen to a nation.. I just hope that we could get over the personal selfish individual mindset that allowed the British to rule us for years.
          All one do is just hope for things to change and pray for the soldiers..

          Dee Kay

          Liked by 1 person

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