Morning Motivation #53


By Dee Kay

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You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin

98% of people never really understand the importance of time. If you really want to accumulate the real importance of time then ask a person terminally ill patient, or a person who missed out the birth of his first kid, or a person who couldn’t make to his parent’s death bed. They will tell you what is the importance of time because they now understand how precious time is for them when it’s already too late.

TIME is the only valuable asset you have that can give you great return on investment but only if you invest it rather than waste it. The basic commodity to have a successful life is self disciple, time management, and hardwork. Don’t pay much attention to any one of these commodity and you are bound to end up failing repeatedly.

So, sit down and make a plans. Start with setting goals for every day, week, month, and even year. Bifurcate each of them into simple steps and prepare a list. Religious follow them and you will see the change it brings in your life. It won’t be easy, it won’t be same every day, but if you continued the follow up then you will get where you want to go.

Without commitment, you’ll never start, but more importantly, Without consistency, you’ll never finish” – Denzel Washington

So make your choice,

Either be in your current situation and problems



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  1. ” I counted my years and discovered that I have
    less time to live going forward than I have lived until now.

    I have more past than future.
    I feel like the boy who received a bowl of candies.
    The first ones, he ate ungracious,
    but when he realized there were only a few left,
    he began to taste them deeply.

    I do not have time to deal with mediocrity.
    I do not want to be in meetings where parade inflamed egos.

    I am bothered by the envious, who seek to discredit
    the most able, to usurp their places,
    coveting their seats, talent, achievements and luck.

    I do not have time for endless conversations,
    useless to discuss about the lives of others
    who are not part of mine.

    I do not have time to manage sensitivities of people
    who despite their chronological age, are immature.

    I cannot stand the result that generates
    from those struggling for power.

    People do not discuss content, only the labels.
    My time has become scarce to discuss labels,
    I want the essence, my soul is in a hurry…
    Not many candies in the bowl…

    I want to live close to human people,
    very human, who laugh of their own stumbles,
    and away from those turned smug and overconfident
    with their triumphs,
    away from those filled with self-importance,
    Who does not run away from their responsibilities ..
    Who defends human dignity.
    And who only want to walk on the side of truth
    and honesty.
    The essential is what makes
    life worthwhile.

    I want to surround myself with people,
    who knows how to touch the hearts of people ….
    People to whom the hard knocks of life,
    taught them to grow with softness in their soul.

    Yes …. I am in a hurry … to live with intensity,
    that only maturity can bring.
    I intend not to waste any part of the goodies
    I have left …
    I’m sure they will be more exquisite,
    that most of which so far I’ve eaten.

    My goal is to arrive to the end satisfied and in peace
    with my loved ones and my conscience.
    I hope that your goal is the same,
    because either way you will get there too .. ”

    Mário de Andrade


    • The perfect start for a day is to get a dose of motivation 😊

      Tbh, this is like reminding myself to pull up my socks and get down to business. I seriously use to waste a lot of time but I adapted and learned to harness the required motivation to be on my toes. 😊😊

      Thank you so much, love..

      Much regards,
      Dee Kay


        • You don’t say that. You’re pretty good at time management. I am sure even on your off day you still manage to be productive whereas I used to be destructive.. lol

          Anyway, more than happy to be of any help… The goal is to send as much positivity and love as possible…

          Dee Kay


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