Soul Talk #2 By Dee Kay


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By Dee Kay

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We all often get to that point in our life where nothing is actually working out for us, be it career or relationship with family or a partner and even close friends. We tend to get more and more doubtful about our notion of life and our decision. That’s the time when we realize that life has dropped a knockout punch as the reality starts seeping in as we hit a new rock bottom.

We end up terming it as THE WORST PHASE of our lives but it’s the worst phase of life till that point in your long life as this beloved life is a really a very cruel teacher and keeps on testing us every now and then. Life really isn’t about what good or bad you did but about how and why you choose to do it and how you dealt with the consequences of your actions.

I won’t say I am a very good guy because I too have some skeletons in my closet. But I can say I’m a good Human being, nevertheless. Every night when my demons are summoned I know it’s a new battlefield with some battles to be fought. My past mistakes are their greatest power. My past failures is the fuel to their fire. And those 5-6 dark hours seems like lifetime.Those demons start sucking all the happiness out of me, making me gasp for some air.

Those battles are all in my head. Those demons are powerful only cause I give them the power by revisiting the failures of my past. I lose some of the battles and end up doubting myself. But those lost battles are a blessing in disguise as I get to know myself better. I get to know what can break me into million pieces. And those battles make me more determined to stand back up build the life I want to live.

I might not work out my plan everyday but I know that the vision is clear and that road is being built. As they say “It takes time to create a masterpiece”, so I just have to work out each day at a time. Those demons know that they can’t defeat me even if they have won couple of battles. I have one thing that they don’t and that’s HOPE.

A hope that one day all these dreams won’t be just dreams.


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