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Date :- 13th February 2018, 09:32 PM

Hey peeps!!

It’s been a hectic week so far as I have dedicated all the time on enhancing the writing skills and acquiring other skills to improve further. I don’t know what is compelling me to push myself to the limits or maybe I already know still don’t ready to speak it out loud (don’t wanna jinx it). I am back to following a military style routine which asks for military style discipline so I have to be hard on myself. I am not complaining neither as I can see the positive changes that are evidence of the growth.

Getting up at 5 AM, listening to motivational speeches for an hour, meditation, BLACK COFFEE, then online classes, homework, and when I look at the time, it’s just 8 AM. This is what I have been oblivious of throughout my adulthood, or maybe I never thought of being capable enough to do so in the past. By the time it’s noon, I am already done with big chunks of work. I blindly follow the rest of the routine as I pre plan the whole day a night before on the special Excel sheet planners I have created.

Yesterday and today, I have mostly worked on re-designing the website as it need some organization and upgrades. Tbh, I am more than satisfied with the results as the site looks stunning. I urge you to check it out HERE and then do give us your feedback. Then I went on to write the necessary 1000-2000 words. I tried reading too but unfortunately couldn’t complete the set target though I read many posts here but I cannot count them as the terms and conditions are different for each goal.

The upcoming novel is in the editing mode so things are still pretty exciting in this area of work as we still have the ending to be written. Starting the editing without the end will help us create a better stage for the ending plus it would revise the whole story in our head. We would be dropping few teasers over the next couple of weeks for you to get a little taste of the novel. If you missed out on checking the last teaser than click HERE.

That’s it from my side for the time being. See you in a couple of days.


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