Capturing Few Fleeting Emotions from Roy’s life

Date:– 12th Feb 2019, 00:00

A bird, when left in a cage for a long time forgets about its wings.

In the begining, the young bird flutters its feathers frenziedly, bumping to the walls to break free while looking at the bluish sky to swim across its vastness one day. The dream makes it happy and fills its heart with contentment. It hops inside the walls of the prison, holding onto the hope of the arrival of that day when the gates will no more remain locked.

However, as the days pass by unaltered, the strength to linger over its ambition slowly starts to wane. The flittering of the wings stops and the fire for freedom dies down. The bird still looks at the sky but now the bluish tinge fills its heart with hatred.

Days pass by and the dream fades away slowly from its mind. The small confined area feels more comforting than the expanse of outside. The feathers become feeble and seem more like an extension of the body rather than an instrument of power and independence. The bluish sky appears to be a beautiful portrait only meant to be looked and relished.

Days turn into months while months into years and the bird grew old. The cage now felt a safe haven protecting it from the predators and providing it with timely food and water. The bird found content in its heart and hoped to live the rest of its days peacefully in it.

Just when it was about to fluff up its feathers to get into a slumber, an earthquake hit and the cage toppled over. With the fall, the gate of the tumbled cage cracked wide open. The old bird tried to save itself. It hopped and bumped on the walls to bring the cage back to upright position. It pushed itself on the bars with all its strength while the unlocked gate at the opposite end mocked at it.

The old bird was wounded and paused for gasps of breath. It was during the fleeting moment of its struggle that it looked outside the unbolted door of the cage from where the wide open vast bluish sky smiled at it, calling it to swim across its vastness. The bird felt scared at the vastness as the bluish tinge was so unfamiliar. It looked away and rushed towards the walls of the cage, summoning its entire remaining strength to bring back the prison around itself and bolt itself away safely from those haunting blue skies.

A bird, when left in a cage for a long time forgets about its dreams.

Are you the bird?

Let no prison hold you
Let no cage erase your dream.
Age is never a barrier.

by Roy

(These feelings depicted are beyond rationale and so it is advised to read with a compassionate heart)