To read the first two parts of the series, Read Below:

The GIRL who taught me how to DREAM – Part 1

The Girl Who Taught Me How To Dream – Part 2

I stood at the edge of the bridge contemplating the past and the pain that followed me all the way to this point. I look down at the downfall of hundreds of feet which only meant eminent death. The brain was on overdrive as it signalled every sense of the upcoming danger. The heart began to pound harder, the ears catching the slightest of sounds, the vision getting clearer, the hands sweaty, and the soul empty as I look up in the sky just before taking the final step into a free fall.

**1500 feet from impact**

Hello, I am Trisha“, those were her first few words to me. I was just baffled by the intensity and purity that reflected in her smile. I just couldn’t resist but smile back at her without even noticing that I have been silently staring at her with my creepy smile. She just waited patiently and in that moment I knew I was in deep trouble.

**1300 feet from impact**

“I… Love…”, I just couldn’t add ‘you’ in the end to complete my confession. She raised her brow and glared at me. I just couldn’t decipher her as she pulled me by my collar and whispered the magic words. In that moment I knew I wanted this trouble in my life forever.

**1000 feet from impact**

We are sorry. There was nothing more that we could do.”, the doctor proclaim as his words became inaudible to me after sorry. My brain didn’t wanted to register her departure as I stood there numb. The love of my life was taken away from me and there was nothing that I could do. In that moment I didn’t know why the trouble I wished for my life was over so soon.

**700 feet from impact**

I was laying on her side of the bed trying to make it warm with a hope that she may just walk through the door at anytime. Though, the reality was cruel but that false hope made me feel a little better before the reality would crush my soul. Her side of the bed was getting warmer while my side of the bed went cold just like my heart. In that moment I knew that my trouble was never coming back.

**Parachute deployed**

The winds gave a sudden jerk as the downfall was broken by the shute. The temporary push upward gave me wings to feel the flight as the downright pull let the reality seep in. I remember her for the memories that we made not for the pain her death cause. In that moment I knew I can never go away from my trouble.

**400 feet from landing**

The gushing wind on my face made me smile while the emptiness within vanished as her sweet smile took over mine. I miss her but I know she is in a better place now, away from the pain she went through in her last days. In that moment I knew my trouble was still alive within me.

**200 feet from landing**

The ground is approaching faster than I anticipated. This was a downfall yet it was a curve upward for me. I am much more closer to her spiritually even though physically we are in different realms. Her legacy isn’t the tears I shed but the smiles that she left. In that moment I knew my trouble was more than just her mortal body.


My foot touched down solid ground as I ran a little to get more stability. The euphoria that I felt was beyond anything else. I look up towards the bridge and then to the sky. A single tear made it’s way out as I fell on my knees. In that moment I realize that I was in trouble because my Trish is still taking care of me beyond the mortal world. I pulled out her letter and checked the box that said, “SKYDIVING/BASE JUMPING”. Another of her wish was fulfilled. I cried a little more as her last words echoed in my ears,

Now you have to live for both of us so live with strength, love, and a little trouble but with few dreams too.

In this moment I know that even a little trouble is more than enough to carry on with our lives.

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To read the first two parts of the series, Read Below:

The GIRL who taught me how to DREAM – Part 1

The Girl Who Taught Me How To Dream – Part 2


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