Verse to mend the broken by Dee Kay

The things I said or done had some reasons behind them,
the situation’s demand was something like this back then.

I was struggling to understand who I am,
like an arrow flying without an aim.
The fight was real so was the words that came out,
inside my mind those doubts were caught.
Doubts that I wasn’t good enough for anyone,
blinding me from the lights of my only sun.
The sun that showed me who I am and what I can do,
the clouds vanished it without a clue.
I was desperate to see the lights again,
in my desperation I did things and I was never the same.

My words fell short and were meaningless,
the situation remained the same nevertheless.

The world had a good laugh seeing me suffer like this,
my life was their business; as if.
Their words stung like a giant bee,
I might be hallucinating for the things I see.
I saw a dragon burning my dreams down,
I saw him tearing it apart like the lake town.
The fire engulfed my spirit within,
I was being punished for some unknown sin.
A tear rolled down seeing the fire burn it all,
the world said I owe it a fall.

The things I did even I didn’t understand fully,
the world around me was the biggest bully.

I had enough of their crap served to me,
I had enough of what they forced me to see.
I was ready to set myself free from the bonds and the chains,
I was ready to beat them in their own game.
Games on bitch ! I said it out loud,
its time for my sun to reach out of the cloud.
This time I would hold my ground till I die,
this time I won’t believe in their sugarcoated lies.
No longer will I not believe in myself,
I will write my own masterpiece off the shelf.

My words are free just the way they should be,
they are fiction but still has a part of me.

– Dee Kay


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  1. I always read your post but do not comment much. I read your piece and have to let it settle quietly. My mind goes to where you have described. I am left without words. You are incredibly gifted. It is my pleasure to read what you share. Always, your friend, ~Kim

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