Let’s tell the truth to ourselves before we tell the truth to the world. There is no one who is/was born special even the superheroes or gods were not born special but rather they paid their dues/debts to become special. Why are you making yourself the victim of the illusion that the society so comfortably embeds into your psychology? You’re not define by the past, you’re not confined by your present, and most certainly isn’t to be judge by your future expectations.

Most people will tell you that your dream is too big or too small or straight off impossible but who are they to suffocate your dreams when they haven’t walked a step in your shoes.Your life is utterly and completely your responsibility then why are you listening to those people. Today, I sit in my room filled with smoke of the last cigarette thinking about the future that I am going to have and trust me that future is worth these sleepless nights. I am not preaching you but rather just talking to myself. I don’t care if this makes any sense or not because in the beautiful head of mine this defines me.

I am here to be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, with or without anyone’s help.

I am my hero.

I am my definition.

I am going to make it epic because I am UNBREAKABLE.

by Dee Kay

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