Wanderlust Tales #8: Summers in Falun (Sweden) Part #2 – Berries & Sunset!


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Welcome Back dear vänner!

In this Part #2,  I will take you to the other side of River- “the delightful side of Falun”, where you will witness the 10,000 years old trees, amidst the stunning sunset, into the pleasant fragrance of beautiful flowers and delicious berries.

After our mining tour, we stepped towards the other side of the river, sets apart by many beautiful cottages, surrounded by lovely flowers and enveloped in the stunning sunset, – “the delightful side” of Falun.


Lake Runn is the second biggest lake in Dalarna and lies between the towns of Falun and Borlänge. The lake is surrounded with beautiful restaurants and cafés. The spectacular view of the lake from the restaurant can increase your appetite and make you reluctant to leave the site. It was one of the best lunches,  I have had in recent times surmounted with natural beauty and serenity.



After a belly-full lunch, we went on a trip to varied terrain, lake landscapes, built-up areas, open fields, and the ever-present forest.


With the onset of evening, the vista around us started to transform into golden and blue streaks. I have heard already that Sweden is known for its beautiful sunset. But, I never thought that I was going to see such a beautiful and astounding view.


Unable to hold myself, I just ran near the Siljan lake that was being kissed by the horizon of dusk, resulting in a spectacular sunset with a combination of clear sky, clean lines, sharp silhouettes, and bright lights and its sparkling reflections in the lake.


Those 20 minutes of my life were the best indeed when I had forgotten everything and was just lost in the cool breeze and changing colors in the sky. It was rather the best thing which I have ever seen in my life, the best experience, the best form of nature.


Sunset will always be the best memory that I will take back to my home.


After a beautiful sunset, we had a walk around cottages and houses of local habitants. I was falling for everything that they do to preserve their nature. I loved their approach and was happy to see that every house had a little garden cottage to hang out during their five weeks of vacation in summers.


The next thing which one must try is the delicacies of berries – Lingonberries, Blueberry, Blackberries.


Swedish forests and meadows are abundant of them during the summers. Lingonberries belong to the same genus as Swedish blueberries and are quite abundant in the Swedish forests, growing on low, evergreen shrubs. The Lingonberry jam is a veritable staple food in the Swedish kitchen.


If you are visiting Sweden from July to September, just get out in the woods of berries and fill a small basket of Lingonberries and relish them. You will surely forget everything!


Next thing that we did after a walk to the beautiful garden of the cottage was to roam in the woods of spruce tree. The spruce tree growing between erect trees and smaller bushes adds on the beauty of the city.


The local inhabitants told us an interesting story of these spruce which instilled within me more respect for nature. These were the world’s oldest recorded tree – 9,550-years-old- spruce in the Dalarna province of Sweden. These spruce trees have shown to be a tenacious survivor in pace with the dramatic climate changes over the time.


Falun is a haven with a strong history, beautiful lakes, islands, sunsets, and lovely people.  I will love to visit it next time.  A medieval path offered me a huge forest, lakes, warm hospitality and salutary lessons which will last long in my memory.

The best thing the trip to Falun taught me was how to get attached to one’s culture and preserve one’ s identity whatever situation may arrive. The things can be made possible under any situations provided we really want to preserve our nature, our history and most importantly our existence.


for the next post wherein I will take you through the cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm…


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