Wanderlust Tales #7: Summers in Falun (Sweden) Part #1 – Ancient Mines!


This Segment ” Wanderlust Tales” brings to you the fascinating stories of a young dreamer, who is a scientist by Profession and a passionate traveler at heart.  Witness the stories she collects on her journeys coupled with exquisite photographs.

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” Collect stories wherever you go…every place has its tale to tell!

Have you been to a place, which has a beautiful scenic beauty, elegant lakes, artistic sunsets, bewitching flowers, aesthetic trees, historically rich and charitable habitants?

My latest wanderings let me to such a place where I experienced a heavenly feeling amidst its serenity. The place is Falun, capital of Dalarna County, in Sweden.

The tour started with the most precious and significant place for Swedish people – Falun Gruva (the historical Copper Mines)


Falun is still famous for its copper mine and its Industries though the mine has been closed now due to a landslide in past. Falun was declared UNESCO world heritage site to honor the 500 years old mines that have a huge significance in Sweden’s history. Before we entered into the mines, we were given protecting cape just like ‘Superman’s Cape’ and a hard orange hat to wear.  We knocked thrice at the entrance as a custom to inform the Lady of Mine about our arrival. It couldn’t have been more interesting than to start the tour with a fascinating story of the divine “Lady of Mine”. There were many stories on how she used to save the miners and help them out of the critical situations.


We felt a chilling cold as we stepped down inside wherein the temperature was really around 5 degrees even though we had our woolen apparel over us. Proper walking boots are also advisable as it’s wet and slippery on the steps and in the narrow passages inside the mine.  The pulley bucket in the picture below was the only way for the miners to enter into the depth of the mine. Many did lose their lives in such a risky method.


The tour gave us an authentic feel for what miners of the 1800s went through and how tough it was to survive there. The giant pit hole was just amazing showcasing the impressive engineering feat back in the 1800s.


Whenever any King or any other eminent personalities visit the mines, they leave their signature in golden ink on the walls of mine as a token of remembrance.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-30 at 11.56.04


Apart from the mine, there is also overground guided tour to other buildings in the area, interesting museum and a cafe and a restaurant. You can easily spend a whole day there if you visit all the places.


One of the perks of copper mine is its “Falun red” color that adorns almost every house in the region and elsewhere in Sweden. Red a symbol of love. The history of the red paint goes back to approximately 850 AD when started mining in Stora Kopparberget (the Great Copper Mountain) which is now called as city of Falun.


The red paint was the byproduct of copper waste. Even after the closure of mines,  the residents paint their houses in red. I was impressed by the strong commitment of Swedish people for their culture and history.


I fell in love with each and every wooden house with its beautiful surroundings. The Red paint cottages are as iconic as the Dalarna horses, a Swedish signature.


Faluån is a river, flowing through the city, separates the city into two sides. The copper mine is located on one side which was usually called “the mining side”.


After our mining tour, we step towards the other side of the river, set aside by a large number of beautiful, large cottages, which made this regime to be called “the delightful side” of Falun.

for the next post wherein I will take you to the other side of River- “the delightful side of Falun”, where you will witness the 10,000 years old trees, amidst the stunning sunset, into the pleasant fragrance of beautiful flowers and delicious berries.


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  1. Whats better if your profession takes you to such wonderful places. A tourist visa comes with a short expiry. A work permit gives you ample time to explore every inch of the place. Amazing and all the very best.

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