The Ride, The Rain, & Our Smiles

By Dee Kay & Roy

(Genre – Romance)

(Read Time – 10-15 mins)

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The evening was been painted in darker shades with each passing moment as the ground awaited the rain. I was in a bit of hurry to reach Vanessa’s office before the floodgates of heaven would drift the load downwards to me. I took off from my office a bit early just to beat the rush hour traffic, even though the New York traffic isn’t too kind to anyone in a rush I somehow managed to pull over in front of her office five minutes early. I saw her coming out of the office door alongwith her friends. She looked a piece of art as she glanced at me.

Our eyes met.

She smiled.

I smiled.

We smiled.

“Hey”, she said waving her hand at me.

Hey”, I said nervously. She gave me a look as if wanting to say something but deciding otherwise as she settled down in her seat.

Don’t screw this up!!!”, I kept warning myself inside my head. I took a deep breath to get over my nervousness.

Shall we go?”, I asked a stupid question and regretted the moment it came out.

No, let’s pick up random people and then we can drop them one by one.”, she replied in a sarcastic tone. I looked at her in appreciation, as I did deserve it even though it wasn’t the best sarcasm yet it was good enough for me. We smiled a bit more then I started driving aimlessly as we weren’t able to decide where we would be eating.

She was checking something on her phone and then she started asked me to connect the Bluetooth of the car to her phone. I am usually quite okay with my friends playing their playlist but not her. Her taste in music is completely different from mine, not bad but different, but then I am taking her out to impress her so it didn’t make much sense to say no. Soon she started playing her favorite songs, most of which were romantic. Maybe I am correct or maybe not, but her song selection made me think whether she is setting the mood for the evening. I will hope for the best so fingers crossed.


We were driving through the jam pack road when it started to pour. I was getting agitated, as it meant we would be stuck in the traffic for at least a couple of hours. Then I looked at her and I no longer had any negative feelings. She was just too happy to see the rain. It felt as if I was looking at a toddler who has seen the rain for the very first time. She had a very wide smile on her face that was quite different from her usual smile. This smile felt more genuine and real. I was been mesmerized by the pure emotion she showed at that moment. She was opening up the side of herself that most people would often just ignore, as they would focus more on how she looked rather than see what she is made of inside.

I kept looking at her as she kept smiling as the raindrops rubbed against the window on her side or the front windshield. I was so engrossed in observing her other side that I just forgot to start the wipers. I could hardly see yet I was able to see a lot more than I was before. I did not say a word and neither did she. We were both enjoying our moments, she with the rain and me with her. Then she turned towards me with a mischief of a smile. I had no clue what was on her mind but I knew that whatever it was I wouldn’t be able to say no so I just smiled back. She lowered her side of the window as the raindrops made their way into the car. She touched the raindrops as if she met an old friend. I did not even know that one could enjoy something as small as the rain.

Derek”, she finally spoke in her soft voice. I couldn’t utter anything so I just turned towards her acknowledging her.

Why did you ask me out?”, she asked me something that I wasn’t even prepared for.

I thought for a couple of seconds but my mind was being blank. I tried my hardest to come up with a smart answer yet my mind just refused to come up with even a logical answer. I cannot say, what I really felt as it would be too soon. I cannot come up with an alternative answer. I don’t even know how to answer this question. For those couple of seconds it seems like I had lost the capability to think or speak. Then I just said whatever came in my stupid head.

I wanted to ask you out many times but I never could gather the courage. I have known you from 8th grade. I have seen you date some really popular guys who were much better looking than I am.”, I was speaking and she was just silently listening to me.

I always knew there was more to you then just that pretty face and hot body.”, I slurped out in the moment. I went silent this time as I tried to grasp the situation. She smiled and then I continued.

I asked you out to find out the other side of yours, which I always believed existed in; somewhere. I have seen the small things that you do to comfort and care for others. Things that made me get attracted to you, not physically but at a soul level.”, I said and then took a deep breath.

I asked you out to know you, the real you so that I can know whether you would be there to hold my hand when I fall for you.”, I utter out the truth.

I waited a few moments for her to say something but she didn’t. Then she lean forward and kissed me.


She whispered in my ears,

I hope you would be able to catch me when I fall for you.

Our eyes met.

She smiled.

I smiled.

We smiled.

(We love to hear from you so do leave us your honest feedback. Thank you.)


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