The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is usually 70% Psychology, 20% hardwork, and 10% time management.

  • 70 % – A successful person has a strong psychological understanding of who they are, what they want/expect, and who they want to associate themselves with in life. They know for a fact, that they are born to be who they are as they keep telling themselves they’re the greatest till their mind believes it. They can see what they want as they keep visualizing their dreams over and over again. And finally, they associate themselves with people with same vision and vibes as they know ‘the friends we have today is the man we will become tomorrow.” so they get rid of the negative ones no matter how close they were with them.
  • 20 % – When they are developing a strong psychology they also start implementing the plan or the road map for achieving their goals. They are not acting busy but they are being productive. They know that there is no substitute for hardwork as talent you’ve naturally but skills are only developed by hours of beating on your craft. And hardwork always trumps talent.
  • 10 % – Successful people treat their time as investment. They will spend times on things that will add more value to their growth even when they are at a party you would enough see them interacting with people who have something to offer to them be it knowledge or money. They don’t spend time procrastinating or whining about how difficult their past was, rather you will see them spending time in learning more skills.

There are and will always going to be only two kind of people so choose which one you want to be in your mortal life.. Choose wisely..




by Dee Kay

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