We did like to wish everyone around the world a Merry Christmas. We hope and pray that you feel the warmth and love of your close ones even those who are not there with you but they are always there with you in your thoughts.

:- The Floating Thoughts Team


They say its never too late to change things around and I believe in it with utmost sincerity and confidence. Why? Because that’s the only option I have, to be successful. I have given myself a lifetime to learn from my mistakes and failures but now I am giving myself the opportunity to put those lessons into practice. More than often, I see my friends and family tell me that they cannot do something because they are confined by some limitation which I like to call as excuses. Here are few of them:-

  • The weather is too harsh to complete the work – This in every sense is nothing more than a dumb excuse because you’re too used to the comfort of your life. Look at the soldiers defending our borders irrespective of the weather so if they can work it out so can you.
  • I don’t have the money to do it – Well, its true that more than often we need money to start a venture but that does not mean that we have to call it quits when we don’t have the capital. There are millions of millionaire in the world who are waiting to invest even those who are not millionaires are willing to take risk if the idea is great so all you need to do is get on the phone, meet some, and show them your vision.
  • I am too young or too old to do it – Like seriously? There was a man who failed his Bar exams 45 times. His son became a lawyer and had his own law firm but this man didn’t stop giving the exams. He could have easily said that I am too old or my son already achieved the goal for me but he didn’t because he wanted to achieve it himself so what’s stopping you?
  • I don’t have the patience to do it – James Cameron the director of the great movie Avatar and many more, had the idea for Avatar for more than 10 years but the technology wasn’t up-to his vision so he waited but never gave up. The moment the technology came to par with his vision he made one of the greatest movie of all time.
  • There are many more but all of them are nothing but excuses so rise above them and you will see the change you so desire.




by Dee Kay

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