“The first thought you’ve in the morning is what will define the pace of your day so before you rush into the dos and don’ts of life, TAKE A DEEP BREATH TO CHERISH WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR LIFE IN THIS MOMENT.”

We have all got so accustomed to rushing into our daily, unhealthy, routine of thinking ONLY about the things that need to be done that we have totally diminished the chance to celebrate what we have at this given moment. I don’t care what you’re grateful for be it your health, wealth, family, friend, or even a good morning coffee, there is always something to be grateful for so be grateful.

After, you’ve been grateful for some of the things you’ve in life the next phase is to find a little ‘ME TIME’. This is really important. Finding a little time for yourself is as important as anything else in life. This is the time you treat yourself with things you want in life, that is, your own growth. You can spend this time doing things that will help you grow, be it spiritually, physically, or emotionally. You choose.

And when you develop this habit of being grateful and then treating yourself with some me time, I am sure every single day you would have a much positive attitude towards other aspect of your life. You will see yourself grow in every aspect of the life that you want and dream about.




by Dee Kay

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