“Think big, Dream Bigger, BUT START SMALL”

When you think big, you intentionally send signals to your conscious mind as you start setting a plan in motion. The mere act of thinking big is progress than who you were yesterday. Think big and remember you would have to put in the work too.

“If you pray for rain you have to deal with the mud too.”

When you dream big you automatically opens up the gate to your subconscious mind and trust me your subconscious mind is always underrated. The process of dreaming helps you visualize the future you want for yourself. So dream big and remember dreams do come true if you act accordingly.

“If you can see it in your eyes, you can have it in your life.”

But start small, this is best way to start anything from the perfect success story to a total transformation. You cannot make millions of dollars without first mastering the art of making hundred dollars. You cannot scale a mountain till you start from the base camp. Your base camp isn’t physically but mental so start small and remember BIG THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

“If you are committed and consistent in your work then you will achieve it against all odds”




by Dee Kay

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