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Message #7

If truth is to be spoken then a lot of people are in an abusive relationship. When I say abusive I don’t only mean physically abusive relationship but also emotional abusive relationship. I have seen many of my friends be in a emotionally abusive relationship without even knowing and when I told them about the same they tend to be really defensive and at times aggressive.

I am not against relationship rather against the one where one partner has to give up their self esteem for the sake of pleasing the other. Many might think that it’s usually the guys who are the abusers and the stats do point in that way yet there are many women who are at fault too. They might not physically harm their partner but at times they just emotionally destroy them.

One should always remember that the right relationship will make you feel love and empower the individual growth as it progress. If your relationship adds no value to you and is only an energy consuming scene then it is not the correct relationship. We need to understand that out self worth is not derived from others or people we are in relationship with but rather by our own self.

Respect others but demand the same and if you don’t get respect back then no need to go back, EVER.


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  1. Thank you for raising such an important factor about relationships. One needs to stand up for ourselves, because if “I” is not doing well, nothing else is well. Neglect or abuse can be emotional, psychological, physical and/or sexual. Say NO to any form.

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