Capturing Few Fleeting Emotions from Roy’s life

Date:– 4th November 2018, 00:00

The stub of the last cigarette struggled to behold the dying fire at its end while the smoke started to engulf it with its unstoppable kisses. I took a long drag of the pleading stub, hoping to slow down the tornado of thoughts around me so that I can dissect them one by one. I stood near the edge of the rooftop of my apartment holding the dying cigarette between my fingers. The cold gust of midnight breeze was consistently crashing on my rugged skin but failed to awake me from my stupor. I was so lost in the nitty gritty of my emotions that I wanted to decipher the source of their inception. I kept rummaging my empty chambers of the heart and wandered in the restless cells of my mind for an answer while the dying cigarette took its last breath leaving a burning sensation between my fingers.

I bent to look down from the height of 45 meters and the magnanimity of structures became insignificant in an instant yet the unrest soul inside me stood like a formidable giant. I stared at the sky and its limitlessness veiled the emotional surges within me and rendered that formidable giant helpless. I kept watching the radiating moon that borrowed the light of the sun to illuminate the earth, proving that though devoid of abilities, it has sheer determination to eliminate every darkness. I felt humbled for the stars that in every twinkle kept sacrificing themselves moment by moment by burning in their own sparkles.

I flicked the stub of the smothered cigarette into the abyss of the world around me dousing my inner turmoils with it. If stars can die peacefully illuminating the others around it…if the moon can shine the world even in devoid of its light, then why can’t I try to transform myself into an instrument that can bring at least a ray of hope in the darkness of thoughts and touch hearts of people around me.

The ashes of the last cigarette gave away to a new life within me…

by Roy

(These feelings depicted are beyond rationale and so it is advised to read with a compassionate heart)