Morning Motivation #36

I have seen people who have just given in to their weakness and have fallen into its darkness with nothing left other than self-pity. I have also seen others who constantly fight with that darkness and try to find meaning to each of their weaknesses and puts in the effort to keep improving on them. I have the utmost respect for the latter type of persons. I know that our insecurities and failures are what keep us driving and to wear them with pride takes in a lot of courage. But if you want to be drowned into your self-pity and be scared to face your scars, let me tell you there is no one who is gonna come and make things right for you…WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN SHITS!

You SMILE and the world is there to smile with you even if they have to fake it. But when you CRY you have to cry alone and the world will turn its face away from you. So, tell me something – Are you so fukin weak that you can’t wipe your own tears and stand on your feet and fuckin transform yourself to be the best version that you could have ever imagined?

I know past has been hurtful…journey hasn’t been easy…people didn’t believe on your abilities…BUT these trivial matters won’t be enough ever that would make you give up on yourself.

I know you haven’t given up. The inner little dreamer of yours is still screaming at you. So, listen to it. Get up and run after your dreams…

Do it for those who love you…
Do it for those nights when you wept alone…
Do it for those moments when you made promises to yourself
Do it for yourself 
Show them that you have an immovable determination and a sea of deep perseverance.
No matter how much things get rough…YOU ARE FUCKIN GONNA GET THINGS DONE!





by Roy

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9 thoughts on “Morning Motivation #36

  1. I love this.❤️❤️I don’t like a teacher of mine as he underestimates me and tells me to do good on tests when I don’t get the time to revise, but now I’ll prove it to him that I’m someone whom he’ll have to see with respect and care for rather then looking at her like someone looks at a cockroach! Anyways, this was very motivating. Thanks and keep on the good work. God bless you.❤️❤️

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