Capturing Few Fleeting Emotions from Roy’s life

Date:– 18th October 2018, 00:00

When is the right time to let things go?

I have struggled with this question for quite some time now.  I have always believed the fact that you should dream and those dreams should be such that they lie just outside the threshold of your capabilities. Well, I know it sounds absurd that how can you actualize your dreams when you don’t have the required level of abilities.

Yet, if you don’t imagine things beyond your capacity, how can you call them as THE DREAMS!

It is the journey towards them…the drive to meet them…the relentless love to them…the complete focus and honesty towards them…the sincerity and perseverance and patience to walk to them… that transforms the threshold of your capabilities. You grow in your maturity…you rise beyond your failures…you find a way through and not around your obstacles…you witness a completely different aspect of your personality. The Journey to your dreams is more important than the destiny.

I too have a few unimaginable dreams of mine…way beyond the sky that I see above me… But, failures have been my constant companion till now. I have moved from being the person who hated failures to the person who admires failures. They have taught me many lessons in their cryptic ways:
Hate me or Love me
Cry over me or Move past me
See through me or Close your eyes on me
I will always shout to you
your shortcomings and new learnings
For if you make me your companion
yours is the stars and the sun 

So, they have been my companions for around 7 years now. I have learned a lot from them and still, the journey is continuing. However, this bond seems vulnerable when I wish to seek an answer to the part on what should be done when you have given your 100% again and again, with a few intermittent achievements followed by many hindrances.

Should you just keep going?
Should you just let it go?

by Roy

(These feelings depicted are beyond rationale and so it is advised to read with a compassionate heart)