Time and again we have all fallen short of the vision we have for ourselves. We blame life for some or we blame someone else for the same. We always and I say it utmost observation, ALWAYS act like a victim in our own story. None of the people that I have met in this life has defined themselves as the HERO of their own story. They always pretend to be the victim of life, we are all in victim mode.

Your father was an alcoholic, you were bullied in school, your partner cheated on you, your career didn’t pick up as you wished for, your business didn’t succeed, ETC ETC ETC……….

Now tell me whose responsibility is it to repair/amend you? Is it your alcoholic father? Is it your bully? Is it your cheating partner? OR IS IT YOU?

You never send a puppy to clean its own mess because the puppy won’t clean it but rather create more mess. So it is your own responsibility to create a life for yourself even after the heart wrenching experiences you faced in this life. Don’t look for a savoir as none is coming instead be your own savoir as that’s the one person you can always rely on.

“You look up to God to come forth to save you. Maybe God is looking forth to you for the same. So save yourself.”




by Dee Kay

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