Do you fear your fears?
Do you hide your insecurities?
Do you try to mask your feelings?

The threshold that is creating a boundary for you is your own apprehensions. The surges of questions, questioning your abilities have been the shackles that are holding you back.

Why don’t you accept your fears!
Why don’t you appreciate your insecurities!
Why don’t you own your feelings!

These are the intangible parts of you. They are made up of the elements of your personality. The society has made us believe that FEARS/INSECURITIES/FEELINGS are our weaklings-one that should be ashamed of. But tell me one thing, have you given enough time to think about them and analyze them.

These are not weaknesses rather strengths in disguise. To improve oneself, you must know where you fall short and these Fears/Insecurities/Feelings are the best guide to it. They make you aware of the areas where you need to work the most…devote most of your time…accept them and improve them.

just as the light shines brightest in the darkness, let your shortcomings be your strengths!

People tend to feed on the weaknesses of yours and take advantage of your broken confidence. This happens all the time at all places only if you are ashamed to own your weakness. It takes a lot of commitment and dare to accept them and wear them with pride but let me tell you one thing that once you do it, no one ever is gonna fuck with you or take advantage of you. You will be your own instrument of motivation and the world will just stand and watch you to become the best of yourself.

Write down your FEARS and WEAKNESSES and visit them every day. Accept them and tell them that sooner or later you are going to transform each of them to your greatest advantages.

Everyone has his/her scars. It takes courage and attitude to wear them as your pride and a token of constant reminder to improvement.

You are made of stardust…remember that…so don’t you forget to keep shining!

So, go and do EPIC!

by Roy

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