Capturing Few Fleeting Emotions from Roy’s life

Date :- 13th October 2018, 00:00

Heart (H)
Mind (M)

H: I miss the memories more than the person.
M:  Why don’t you move on?

H: The core of my existence is to pump blood to the feelings and bring them to life. I make you see things unseen…feel emotions unfelt…listen voices that are unheard.
M: You create an illusion. You make me believe in things that don’t exist?
H: Isn’t everything an illusion?
M: Why do you say that?

H: Well, because people say things that they never mean. Often the smiles are deceiving and tears stay fake. Aren’t you tired of differentiating between the two? I see promises all the time being made over me…the everlasting vow of love…the unending pledge to care…the unbreakable bonds of relationship…all rendered futile in the end. Most of the relationships either are taken for granted or become a victim of betrayal. Do you still want to believe that the things you see are real?
M: Aren’t you being judgemental and biased?

H: Maybe I am being judgemental. But don’t you think that my judgments have arisen from the infinite types of feelings that this humankind has made me feel! I was born to fill a human body with variants of emotions that were meant to hold a value in the end and to mend souls by bringing them together. However, today I am being destroyed into so many fragments that I fear I am soon going to get alienated to love.

M: I thought I was supposed to be the one who gets the luxury of being analytical about feelings and emotions and not you! I try to interpret things by the veracity of actions and the compliance of words. I have heard many promises and have believed in each one of those. I have seen unimaginable actions been taken to keep those promises. I have gauged the limits of one’s capacities to shower affection for the others. But, it was only possible after you made me figure out the meaning of smiles and tears…love and hate…touch and kisses. You have been the constant guide in helping me understand the connection between tangible actions and intangible feelings. However, you now show such an erratic behavior that seems so purely one-sided.  I need you to feel being impartial to your history. I need you to walk me through the veils of illusion.

H: Whatever is reality is an illusion! Whatever looks definite has an eluding end! Whatever I felt ultimately altered me! I don’t know how to guide you anymore. Whenever I listen to the beats of an unknown heart, I am prejudiced by the pattern of earlier feelings. I try to accept that my fragments will become whole again with the help of renewed beats but every time I end up witnessing my prejudices becoming the ultimate truth. Now, I fear that these pieces of mine will stay shattered inevitably.

M: Every end is just a step to a new beginning! So you are just evolving. You are growing in your maturity. I now can see that you are not biased rather you have gotten a clearer vision. Your prejudices don’t make you weak but strengthen your ability to look through the deceit. You can rise above the insinuating vows…can see through the fabricated lies…can segregate the candor…and most importantly can make me DREAM and fill me with HOPE…I need you to love again. I need you to believe again.

H: What if I get lost in the process! What if you are wrong and my shards increase in number!
M: Until you lose yourself, you won’t be able to discover your true self! Until you break into innumerable pieces you won’t be able to appreciate the thirst of becoming whole again!

H: What if I don’t meet the right heart!
M: Then maybe together, we have to just keep on dreaming and hoping! A heart is nothing but a road to Dreams & Hopes!

A smile appeared on his face as, finally, after a long time the heart did beat in sync with the mind.

by Roy

(These feelings depicted are beyond rationale and so it is advised to read with a compassionate heart)