Morning Motivation #32

There are 3 types of people in this world,

  • Those who live in their PAST
  • Those who live in their FUTURE
  • Those who live in their PRESENT

The one living in their past are those who are often suffering from depression or have or the the other underlying issues. They are forced by their minds to keep reliving a certain situation/incident multiple times in a single day as they keep on overthinking and playing the same situations with different outcome. The past cannot be changes no matter how much you try to think about it as the outcome never changes of the things that has already happened. SO QUIT LIVING IN THE PAST AS IT IS ONLY A GOOD PLACE TO VISIT NOT TO STAY.

The one who live in the future are dreamers who want a certain kind of status/achievement in the future. These people can or cannot be successful in execution of their plans as they are thinking way ahead. They don’t look back at the past as their mind’s main purpose is to think ONLY about the future. The get disheartened when their fantasies are not played out the way they wanted them as life will always throw a curve ball irrespective of the plans you made. SO DON’T OVERTHINK ABOUT THE FUTURE AS IT IS ALWAYS UNCERTAIN.

The last types are those who live in the present. These individuals are those people who are most likely to succeed in life as they look at their past to see how far they have come and look at their future to see how far they need to go. These people have experience from the past and plans for the future but they work in the present and is aware of the present unlike many. They are people who take one day at a time. SO BE LIKE THESE PEOPLE AS THE PAST CAN NEVER NE CHANGED, THE FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN, BUT THE PRESENT IS ALL WE ARE CERTAIN ABOUT.




by Dee Kay

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  1. Past, Present, Future

    Tell me, tell me, smiling child,
    What the past is like to thee?
    “An Autumn evening soft and mild
    With a wind that sighs mournfully.”

    Tell me, what is the present hour?
    “A green and flowery spray
    Where a young bird sits gathering its power
    To mount and fly away.”

    And what is the future, happy one?
    “A sea beneath a cloudless sun;
    A mighty, glorious, dazzling sea
    Stretching into infinity.”

    Emily Brontë

    Have a nice present my friend!!!!!

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    • Well all do the same most of the times…but To stay in past is worthwhile until we pick the points of improvement…learn from the mistakes…rest the things done and said are irreplaceable.

      Best Wishes brother



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