From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 6th October 2018, 07:32 PM

Hey peeps!!

It has been a lazy day for me and unfortunately that means that I have not been moving my bum around to do anything productive. Last night, I ended up getting high on the medicine that my doctor has given me to control my allergies. Although, I take the med only when it’s absolutely necessary but the aftereffects usually means that I sleep a lot. I don’t remember much of the last 24 hours as I was slumbering for more than 19 to 20 hours. I don’t even remember what and how I wrote few pages for the novel. It is funny but also a complete waste of time. So the effect of the med finally wear off after 24 hours and I manage to wire my head around to do something productive.

I woke up early today, pushed myself around the house with my mum screaming then pleading me to get a haircut and shave my beard. It’s not that beard doesn’t suit me but my mum just wants to see her youngest look like a kid again. I don’t mind shaving or getting a haircut but trust me when I say that growing up in an army family meant that for a major part of my life I have been subjected to army barbers who had no mercy on my hairstyle. Actually, there was no style only small or very small hair were left on my head. Now, I am just doing what I want and how I want. I will grow long hair and big beard, so my mum have to bear it for me.

Roy, is soon going to either kill me or just kick the s##t out of me for not working on the novel. We have been talking so much about the novel, the story, the scenes, the dialogues that soon we might apply for divorce. Just kidding. We are not married or gay, we are just two single talented men who happen to talk so much on phone that our respective families think that we are talking to our girlfriends. The worst/best part is that we talk at very odd times like 2 or 3 in night which is a bit creepy for my neighbors at least.

Jokes apart, I think he is the best thing that has happen for my writing as he constantly push me to write better, his honest and at times brutal feedback challenge me to make required changes, and the never-ending discussions about any given topic helps me formulate the perfect story in my head which when transition into words comes out in the most beautiful manner that we get a little surprised or shocked by the end result. He has been busy with his personal endeavors so he isn’t able to write much but after 15th he would get sufficient time to write for next 20 to 30 days so I need to speed up my writing to make sure we are at par to the schedule of launching the novel.

Now, I will go back to writing.

I guess that’s it for today.



So this Dee Kay singing off.

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