Do you feel tired?

Do you want to rest for some time?

Do you want to stop now?

Shut off the emotions that make you feel exhausted. I know you may be drained in all true sense, and demotivated to take the next step. But please hear me out before you wanna retreat the forward step.

At the weakest of such moments, when you are at your lows, give yourself the last push…flare up the dying fire within you…scream to yourself the purpose that made you take that journey in the first place…remind yourself the promise that you made to yourself during those dejected nights…

feel the void that thirsts for your dreams…
feel the restlessness of your soul in search for its journey…
feel your weakness and draw out the strength form it…

Every weak moment will prepare you to face the mountain of your fears
Learn from it! Be an Example to yourself! Find out the fathomless potential of yourself! and prove to everyone who did not believe in you that

“No judgemnets…no circumstances…no hardship has the ability to waver your from your path!”

So, go and DO EPIC!

by Roy

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